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  • Who can compete in the AQ 2019?

    AQ 2019 is open to all Form 4 and Form 5 students who would like to enhance their knowledge in accounting, commerce and business and currently studying at secondary schools all over Malaysia including National Secondary Schools, Full Residential Schools, National Religious Schools, National Secondary Chinese Schools; all of which are under the Ministry of Education, MARA Junior Science Colleges, Royal Military College and Private Schools. Students from Chinese independent high schools who are currently pursuing their Senior Middle 2 or Senior Middle 3, but have yet to sit for their SPM are also allowed to participate in the AQ 2019.

  • How can I register as a participant of the AQ 2019?

    Registration can be done at There are two categories of competition in AQ 2019; 1) Team Category and; 2) Individual Category. For Team Category, participants shall form a team which consist of three(3) students and a combination of students from different education levels (e.g.: a combination of Form 4 and Form 5 students or a combination of Senior Middle 2 and Senior Middle 3) are allowed. Any Form 4 or Form 5 students who do not wish to compete in the Team Category may opt to compete in the Individual Category. However, participation of the same individual in both categories are not allowed. Except for the Final Round, all stages from the Qualifying Round until the Semi Final Round shall be conducted online.

  • When can my group register for the AQ 2019?

    You can register at the start of Stage 1. Please refer to the time table for the dates.

  • Is there any fee imposed to participate in the AQ 2019?

    No, participation/registration is FREE!

  • Is the organiser limiting the participation from each school that would like to participate?

    No, there is no limitation. Schools are encouraged to send as many teams and/or individuals as possible to participate in the School Level Round.

  • What type of questions would be asked?

    AQ 2019 is not an exam-oriented quiz. The questions are framed towards testing the general knowledge of students in accountancy, finance, economy, business ethics, integrity and governance; consistent with the students’ level of education.

  • What are the prizes offered by the AQ 2019?

    The main prizes would include cash and scholarships to further studies in accountancy at the Sunway College, amounting to more than RM250,000.

  • In the event that I / my team qualifies for the National Level Round and I am / we are situated quite far from the Klang Valley, who would be sponsoring our travelling expenses and accommodation?

    For individuals/teams that qualify for the Final Round of the AQ 2019 which shall be held at the Sunway College Campus located at Petaling Jaya, Selangor, the organisers will be sponsoring the travelling expenses and accommodation of the individuals / teams that have qualified, together with one (1) accompanying teacher.

  • Where can I obtain further information regarding the AQ 2019 and who may I contact if I have further queries?

    For further information on the AQ 2019, you may visit the AQ 2019 website at or contact the following officers found at the Contact Us page.

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Quiz System FAQs

  • What happens if I have logged in but did not take the quiz?

    The quiz will only start when you click on the “Take the Quiz” button over at the dashboard.

  • Can I answer the quiz using mobile devices such as smartphones / tablets?

    Yes you can. Please ensure that you have adequate remaining battery life and a stable internet connection throughout the duration of the quiz.

  • What internet browser can I use?

    Please use the latest version of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.

  • I did not receive the activation email.

    Check your spam folder. And if the email address used does not exist or is typed incorrectly, please send your full details (Full name, email, team name, team leader’s name and team leader’s email you used to register) using the Contact Us form.

  • I cannot login.

    Your account is in ‘pending’ mode until you have ‘activated’ it. You can activate your account by clicking on the link sent to you by email.

  • I have provided a wrong email address / I cannot login to my email.

    Please provide the full details (Full Name, Email Address, Team Name, Team Leader’s Name and Team Leader’s Email Address used to register) and your new confirmed Email Address in order for us to reset the email address. Use the Contact Us form.

  • I have entered the wrong gender / IC number / Full name / Team Name / School

    Please provide the full details for us to make the necessary changes. Use the Contact Us form.

  • I have invited the wrong person has team member / how can I re-invite a team member?

    As long as the invited person has not yet accepted the invitation, you can delete and re-nominate a team member from your Dashboard.

  • What happens if I have logged in but did not take the quiz?

    The quiz will only start when you click on the “Take the quiz” button over the dashboard.

  • Can I start the quiz if my team members have not accept my invitation?

    No. All your team members must accept the invitation before anyone in the team can start taking the quiz.

  • What happens if I have not finish all 50 questions within 30 minutes?

    The quiz will be ended and only the questions you have answered will be taken into account.

  • Can we have more than 2 teams from the same school?

    Yes, you can. Do encourage your friends to join the quiz too!

  • Can I take the quiz on the last day of the quiz?

    Yes you can. The quiz is available till 11:59PM (midnight). However, do NOT wait until the last minute or your scores would not be calculated pass the dateline! There might be system overload if all students wait until the last minute to take the quiz - last minute/last day rush is NOT advisable!

  • Can I join more than a team?

    No. Each student can only join ONE team.

  • Can I register more than a team?

    No. You can only have ONE valid team.

  • Is there any specific time to answer the quiz?

    No. The quiz system is up for 24 hours a day for the whole duration of the quiz. It would only be close for maintenance during the interval periods between stages. We discourage last day, last minute taking the quiz, as there will be no time left if you encounter technical issues.