Firm Sponsor

Our firm M/s Gow & Tan (Formerly known as Tan Choon Chye & Co.) commenced practice as a firm of Public Accountants by its founder in the year 1958. The firm was known as Tan Choon Chye & Co. until 1st November 2002 when the name of the firm was changed to the present form, ie. GOW & TAN, Chartered Accountants Malaysia.

Our firm is a member firm of the Malaysia Institute of Accountants. For the past 59 years, our firm has been one of the active providers of audit, tax, accounting and business consultancy services to the mid-sized companies in Malaysia. Currently, we have offices in Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur which have clientele ranging from all sources of trades.

Our present staff force of 41 personnel comprises a high proportion of professional staff. We are proud to have a dedicated and loyal team of staff who are our firm's most valuable asset.


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